20170420 Project Oficer’s Report


APRIL 2017

Thank goodness for the lovely rain that our area received from Cyclone Debbie and also the fact that we were spared any destruction. It was getting very dry and the rain certainly helped our environment going into winter in good shape.

A lot of Mother of Millions has germinated since the rain but it looks as though the South African citrus mite will clean it up before it flowers. A local land holder supplied me with some rust for the Noogoora Burr and I have released it along the river. I think that it was too late to stop this year’s crop producing a large crop of viable seed. As this is the 5th year that the burr has set seed we will certainly try and get going earlier next year.

Loraine and I managed to transfer some of the small Oolines into larger pots ready for planting out next summer. QGC are still planning to plant a small number at Wolleebee as a rehabilitation trial next summer. The two new ones planted on Gilbert’s Lookout are going extremely well.

As Melanie so ably wrote in the last Tidings our Greater Glider spotlighting at Murphy’s Lake was a great success. There will be more research done there and along our river system, hopefully this year, to confirm how important this area is with its old trees full of hollows for our glider population. Habitat destruction along the coast is starting to devastate their Greater Glider and Koala population. It is terribly important to remember that without their natural habitat many native birds & animals will not survive.

At long last the importance of controlling the feral cat population in Australia is being taken seriously and with a bit of good management we could see some important results in the next couple of years.

There is a push to map the platypus population in Queensland and our branch is very eager to record any sighting in our river system. Please let me know on 46286140 if you see any. We know that they are here from past sightings.

The coal seam gas industry is still going flat out and we have to keep in contact with them to make sure that we all work with the co-existence principles firmly in mind. It was the inability of the SHORT TERM EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES and the Government to originally see that the land holders needed co-existence rather than a confrontational stance that resulted in extreme ill feeling and in places down right hostility. This is one of the main reasons that the Southern States have banned drilling. This will result in those states running into the lack of affordable energy in the next couple of years. Industries and the voters will become extremely unhappy and agitated and we are heading for some interesting times. Talk about lack of planning by our leaders!!!!!! We are supposed to be a SMART NATION.

Our proposed May outing to the springs along Hutton Creek is not possible at present. The next meeting will therefore be held at Mount Sloper on Melanie’s property “Karinya”. We will meet at the homestead at 9am on Saturday 27th May. There is a freshly- graded 4×4 track up to the top. This area is the remains of an old volcanic plug and the vegetation is extremely interesting.

As usual, bring chair, water, food, bird & plant books etc. and a friend or new member!

My apology for not writing a newsletter for last month, but I had a few days off not feeling so well. Enjoy the cool weather and lovely nights for sleeping.

Adam C. Clark (Project Officer)

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